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*** Price may vary on circumstance of animal (ex: spay, neuter, shots, etc) ***

Dog Adoption Fee


Puppies = $300 & up plus tax

1-7yrs = $250 & up plus tax

Senior = $85 plus tax

$10 processing fee for adoption application

Cat Adoption Fee


Kittens = $75 including tax

1-7yrs = $64 including tax

Longterm/Senior = $40 including tax

Siblings = $96 including tax

$5 processing fee for adoption application

Small Animal Adoption Fee


Small Animals = $10 plus tax 

Other small animals = adoption fee varies


Adoption fee waived.....

When a senior adopts a senior!

If you can't adopt or just want to give an animal a better chance at finding a home, consider sponsoring! When an animal is sponsored, it means their adoption fee is paid for. For more information or to sponsor any of our animals, please contact us!!


We have Schuylkill County Dog Licenses available. All dogs, 3 months and older, must have a current license. Dog licenses expire on December 31 of every year. Failure to have a license may result in being fined.


The license fees are as follows:


Male: $8.50 plus .50 service fee = $9.00

Neutered male: $6.50 plus .50 service fee = $7.00

Female: $8.50 plus .50 service fee = $9.00

Spayed female: $6.50 plus .50 service fee = $7.00

All fees are $2.00 less for persons with a disability and for senior citizens. 

A new year, means a new

Don't take the risk of being fined for having an unlicensed pet. Click on the application below to go to the Schuylkill County Treasurer's office website to renew or file for a new license today!

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