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There are several ways you can help:



Donate Your Time


We welcome volunteers & people in need of community service hours with open arms!  There are plenty of activities that need to be done each day such as cleaning/disinfecting the dog kennels and cat quarters, walking dogs to give them exercise and ward off boredom, and spending some quality time with our cats.  If you are 18 years of age or older and would like to help us with these tasks, please give us a call!  We'd love to have you!



Donate Your Skills


Do you have a special talent or hobby like photography or Handyman Skills? Creating a video for an animal's profile can bring attention to a pet who’s often overlooked. It also gives the ability to showcase the great personalities they have.  A great photo on a pet’s profile will make him more likely to catch an adopter’s eye and bring them into the shelter.  We can also use handy man or woman to help with repairs and maintenance such as plumbing, electrical, mowing the grass, Cleaning the walls and cages. Any help is appreciated

Donate Supplies


We are always in need of supplies.  Check out our Wish List:   to see what items we need the most.  But don't narrow it down to just what's on the list.  We take additional items as well such as newspapers, blankets, and pillows to name a few.  Don't forget regular household items too such as laundry detergent, disinfecting cleaners, and other cleaning supplies.  We have drop-off locations: Boyers- Pottsville/Pine Grove, Outten Buick-Hamburg, and Wagging Tails Grooming-Frackville.  We can never have ENOUGH!

Donate a Place in your Home

Fostering an animal is not only a rewarding experience, but also a great way to help your shelter from the comfort of your own home.  What does it mean exactly to foster an animal? It means that you will be volunteering to take that animal (or animals) into your home and take care of them until there is room for them in the shelter or until the animals are old enough to be adopted.  When you foster an animal, you help make it more adoptable because you have first-hand knowledge of its personality, its likes and dislikes, and you are able to assist in the routine of house training.  Is it hard to give the animal up when its time comes for adoption?  Sure it also opens your home up to the next animal who needs you.

Bequests and Estate Planning

Include Ruth Steinert Memorial SPCA in your will and/or as a beneficiary in your estate planning.  By adding RSM in your planned giving arrangements, it will aid in our ability to continue the mission of helping abused and unwanted animals.  It also gives you the capability of making a lasting contribution towards ensuring that your love of animals lives on after you.

Sponsor a Pet

We understand that not everyone is able to adopt an animal, which is why we created this new and exciting opportunity as an alternative to adoption.  Sponsoring an animal will give you the chance to financially sustain the care of one of our animals whose story touched your life.

There are three sponsorship options to choose from:

1.  A one-time sponsorship donation in any amount you wish.

2.  A recurring monthly sponsorship that continues until the sponsored animal is adopted (or you specify how many

     months you would like to sponsor the animal). 

3.  Pay for the animal’s full adoption fee.  By doing this, we can advertise that it is a fee-waived adoption.  This

     option might increase the animal’s chances of finding its forever home.

Spread the Word

Are you a part of the social networking trend?  If so, help spread the word about our shelter.  Share pictures of available animals to help spread the word.  Like us on Facebook.  Follow us on Instagram.  Share, share, share!!!!

If you'd like to send a monetary donation to our shelter, please mail them to:

Ruth Steinert Memorial SPCA

PO Box 332

Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972

Alternatively, you can donate online through the button below.

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