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  • What are the application steps for adopting?
    Step 1 First, you want to fill out an application. We have three different application downloads, each of which is located on their respective pages. Links to the applications are below. Dog | Cat | Small Animal Step 2 Complete the application and upload it through the form below the application download button and pay the processing fee for dog and cat applications. (There is no processing fee for small animal applications.) Once the form is completed, a copy will be sent to our email. Step 3 Your application must be fully completed and include three references not related to you and a vet reference. NOTE: You must notify your vet that they will be receiving a call from RSM SPCA, otherwise they cannot speak on your behalf. Step 4 All animals in the home must be up to date on shots, spayed, and neutered in order to be a candidate for adoption. Step 5 If there are animals in the home, a meet and greet, especially with dogs, is a MUST.
  • How do Meet and Greets work?
    Meet and Greets are an essential step when looking to adopt while having other animals, especially dogs, in the household. To schedule a meet and greet, please contact the shelter to set up an appointment. If planning on adopting a puppy, proof of vaccination of your pet is REQUIRED.
  • Are there adoption fees?
    Yes, RSM SPCA does require adoption fees when completeting an adoption form. For more information about adoption fees, please click here. Note: Small animals do not require an adoption fee.
  • Do you require appointments?
    Monday - Friday, RSM is appointments only. Weekends, walk-ins are welcome. Click here for more information.
  • Does my application for adoption guarantee that I can adopt?
    This depends on the references and vet checks that the shelter does upon receiving your application.
  • Can you hold an animal for me?
    No, RSM has no requirement to hold any animal.
  • What is included in pet adoption fee?
    What's included: - Microchipping (for dogs) - Shots - Spay and neutering Exception would be when adopting a puppy: spay, neutering, and shots are done when age appropriate.
  • What do I need to bring when adopting?
    Please bring appropriate transportation that is compatable with animal being adopted. Example: cat carrier for cat, leash for dog, etc.. Please also bring your adoption payment. RSM accepts cash, card, checks (there is a fee for returned checks.) If out of state, ID is required.
  • Do you allow "out-of-area" adoptions and what is required?"
    Yes, non-family references and vet checks must pass approval by RSM.
  • What if I cannot keep a pet that I previously adopted from RSM?
    Per our contract, animal must be returned back to RSM shelter.
  • Can I take my pet home immediately?
    Yes, if preapproved after submitting the application, references, and vet pass.
  • Do you have low-cost clinics?
    Due to Covid, not at this time. We look forward to offering these in the future!
  • Does RSM offer private vet-services?
    No. Although, RSM can assist you in the right direction if you need assistance finding a certain service.
  • Can I make a donation?
    Of course! If looking to make a direct donation, click here. We'd appreciate you taking the time to look through our wish list to find out what supplies we're looking for, as well as our Amazon wishlist found on our Wish List page.
  • How do I sponsor an animal?
    Click here to be taken to our "How To Help" page for more information on sponsoring an animal. Please be sure to put the animal's name and how much you'd like to donate to that animal.
  • Is there a surrender fee for animals brought to the shelter?
    Yes, depending on the circumstances. Cats are required a $40 surrender fee, dogs vary dependinng on updated shots, spay and neutering.
  • Do you have hypo-allergenic dogs?
    Yes from time to time, however this will be listed in the bio of the dog on the adoptable page.
  • Do I have to microchip my animal?
    For dogs, microchipping comes with the adoption fee. Cats are optional with an additional fee.
  • If my dog is microchipped, is it required to have a license?"
    Yes, on day of adoption it is required to have a lifetime license fee. This is an application that you will fill out and pay for, and RSM will submit it to the county. This is even included if it is an out-of-county adoption.
  • Do you provide licenses?
    Yes, click here for more information.
  • Do you have lifetime licenses?
    Yes, here are the prices: Regular lifetime license fee: Male: $51.50 Neutered male: $31.50 Female: $51.50 Spayed female: $31.50 Senior citizen lifetime license fee: Male: $31.50 Neutered male: $21.50 Female: $31.50 Spayed female: $21.50
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